AIS Data Services: Combined Satellite and Terrestrial AIS Information
IHS Maritime is the leading provider of combined satellite and terrestrial AIS ship position, movement and port calling information.

If you need uninterrupted live and historic coverage of ship positions and movements along the world's critical maritime trade routes, including deep ocean, for asset tracking or risk assessment, turn to IHS Maritime - the leading source for this combined information. Satellite and terrestrial AIS information can be supplied in a format of your choice, at a frequency of your choice, to integrate into your own system or for your own analysis.
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A range of tailored AIS data services are available
We receive AIS data from our global network of receivers on a continuous basis 24 hours a day. We have the ability to stream live data for a specific area in the world right down to the level of a berth for use in a clients own application.

Historical data
When we started collecting historical data in 2004 we stored around 14,000,000 individual movements a month (once an hour, 24/7). Now that figure is in excess of 8 million movements per month. It should not be confused with the number of real time AIS messages that we receive which is tens of millions per month.
We have now implemented this data into Sea-web as a module. You can try this feature out for a couple of weeks by requesting a product evaluation.

How it works
We take an hourly 'snapshot' of the positions of all vessels within our network. We then store these positions and match them against the Lloyd's Register of Ships vessel database to check the accuracy of the reported data. We have created thousands of automatic zones all over the world which dynamically report when a vessel has been there and also advises how long the vessel spent in that zone.

What can we supply?

Satellite Data:
Satellite and terrestrial AIS information can be supplied in a format of your choice, at a frequency of your choice, to integrate into your own system or for your own analysis.

Live Data:
If you advise the specific area that you are interested in receiving, from a global feed right down to a specific terminal, we can create a feed for your application. This data would be streamed to you in native NMEA0183 format which is the international standard for AIS messages.

We can supply data from a specific place anywhere in the world that we have an AIS receiver installed. This data may be supplied as a live feed in raw NMEA 0183 format or we can also make it available via webservices or in a format suitable for your application such as XML, CSV, XLS and so on.

If you have access to Google Earth Pro, you can send us a KMZ file and we can stream everything in that zone direct to you. Contact us for a quote.

Clean Data:
AIS data occasionally shows abbreviations of vessel names or incomplete IMO numbers for example. We can take the raw data, match it against our in-house ships data and correct any anomalies. This is then sent to our customers for use in their applications.

iFrame Data:
We have developed a method of isolating specific vessels and then calling them from the AISLive servers and displaying them in an iFrame. This is literally a window generated by AISLive and appearing in a third party application. Our customers include ferry operators, ship owners and port communities who use the service to show where vessels are in specific places. Take, for example, a ferry operator who wishes to let his customers know where the ferries are at that exact moment; using AISLive iFrames, he can show them in real time, where their ferry is. This enables his customers to plan their time based on the actual position of the vessel and not just the timetable.

IHS Maritime Data:
Includes Vessel, Company, Ports and Fixtures data. With a database of over 180,000 vessels, the Lloyd's Register of Ships data has been the industry benchmark since 1763 and to this day remains second to none.
Our data is comprehensive and includes:

  • Over 180,000 vessels
  • Over 200,000 maritime related companies
  • 10,000 ports and terminals including services at each facility
  • Wet and dry global fixtures

IHS Maritime have world class IT and data teams; many of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years. For access to this valuable specialist resource, contact sales. With up to 600 fields of data available on every vessel, IHS Maritime are best placed to supply any scale of data requirement.

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