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Add your port/area to AISLive

The AIS Live Installation Kit provides the highest quality equipment required for adding a new station to the AIS network. All that is required locally is a power source, an outdoor location to place the VHF antenna and a permanent connection to the Internet. With pre- programmed hardware, assistance from our dedicated support team and easy to follow guides, installation is simple. Once connected, the received information will be displayed on AISLIVE.COM.

The AIS Live Installation Kit includes the following items and services:

1. AIS receiver. This is a passive, receive only unit for which no frequency permit or transmission license is required. We currently supply the AIS-CTRX dual channel AIS receiver. New long range AIS receivers are also available, please call us to discuss this option.

AIS receiver

2. Cardiod Array Antenna For the best results we provide a robust cardiod array antenna with 10 meters of high quality LMR400 ' low loss " antenna cable. A mounting pole and kit are provided as standard. A smaller whip antenna is also available for more restricted installations.

3. DIGI One SP RS-232 to TCP/IP converter with 10 metres of Ethernet cable.
This device will transmit the AIS receiver's data to the AISLIVE Internet server.

DIGI One SP RS-232

4. Free banner advertisement on your local chart - for more details click here).

5. Lifetime access to the system FREE OF CHARGE. Access to AISLive for a five user licence in one location is currently £2,015 / €2,555 / $3,675 per year. As a member of our network, you would never be asked to pay this fee. This licence applies to all of your team at one location for all of the time that you continue to connect to AISLive.

These additional benefits will help you recoup the cost of your installation kit very quickly.

There is no catch with the lifetime access to AIS and banner advert offer. The only requirement is that you maintain your AIS connection to AISLive and continue to supply AIS data to AISLive.

6. The Premier Station Support Service. We provide the highest level of support to all our station hosts. We have created a unique support service for all our global stations. This service includes an Automated Email Alert Service that alerts our hosts when their station has stopped service connecting to our network. This alert service works 24 hours a day/7 days a week and can be sent to various key email addresses. In addition hosts are given access to our user friendly Station Monitoring Software to monitor the stations connectivity in parallel with the support team. This software is linked to the AIS site, so no installation on local workstations is required. The software is complete with trouble shooting documents to assist should problems arise.

7. Dedicated Support Team. Our customer care team of AIS experts are available to assist you from point of sale, to delivery, installation and maintenance of the hardware. If your hardware stops sending data to our servers, the team are on hand to provide a high level of support and expertise to trouble shoot the hardware.

To place your order NOW, contact sales - Part packages also available

Local Requirements

  • VHF antenna need to be placed outside on a high vantage point in the area of interest. 30 metres mast height above sea level would typically give you 30 nautical miles of coverage. The higher the antenna is placed, the better the coverage range will be.
  • A 24-hour/7 days a week local broadband/ADSL Internet connection
  • Power socket.
Technical Specifications

AIS receiver
Dimensions: Length 175mm, Width: 120mm
Height: 90mm
Weight: 1.6kg
Connectors: BNC

Cardiod Array Antenna
Length: 1500mm, Width (at widest point) 760mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Brackets: 5kg
Connectors: N connector male BNC

Do you have your own AIS hardware? Would you like to connect to the AIS network?
If so please contact us us to discuss how to connect your station to our network.

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